Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let's Talk About Treasures

Suggestion, don't get behind on blog posts. You will NEVER catch up! It's extremely hard and can be considered somewhat painful. My goal for today is to finally get caught up. Only three pots to go! I can do this!

Currently I'm in the middle of Treasure Island. Just kidding. I haven't even made it to the halfway mark. >_<  Have any of you read Treasure Island? I'll be honest it wasn't a book I really ever had any desire to read. I can't really tell you why either. I've seen several movies based on Treasure Island: Muppet Treasure Island, Treasure Planet, and even a few movies that stuck to the original premise of the story, but I have never gotten the urge to read Stevenson's novel. That is a little unusual for me I have to say.

After I saw the musical Les Mis I wanted to read the book. I haven't yet, but the desire still arose. After I saw the BBC mini-series Cranford I wanted to read Elizabeth Gaskell's books on which the series was based. Most movies, shows, or musicals I watch inspire me to read the book they are based on if I already haven't, but not Treasure Island. Weird.

I  think my favorite Treasure Island movie I've seen is Treasure Planet. It just calls to my nerdy soul. :) Admittedly, it has been a while since I've seen Muppet Tresure Island and Tim Curry plays John Silver in that version. I don't think you can go wrong there. I <3 Tim Curry. I might have to rewatch it...

Seeing all these versions of Treasure Island has given me a general idea of the book's plot, and I have to say I'm fairly impressed with those movies. They fall in line with the book pretty closely. General plot-wise not necessarily the setting. Yet I'm looking at you, Treasure Planet.

Not sure if I can really say more about Treasure Island the book as I haven't finished it yet, but these are just my thoughts on it so far. maybe I'll get to the end and be absolutely in love with it. Probably not, but stranger things have happened.

Until next time, happy readings!

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  1. Some books are better read when you get a little older - although I fell in love with RLStevenson and Jules Verne when I was a kid - I guess they appealed to the book nerd in me! But I know I never really appreciated Dickens until I hit my 30s.....