Monday, July 9, 2012

Finishing a Book is Productive, Right?

This one's going to be a quick post because I want to get back to my book, especially since I should be reading a different one for book club... BOOKS!

Look at what I got done today.

While they're not finished-project accomplishments, I still got something done today! I started work on the jelly-roll quilt as you can see from the stripes making a V. I only sewed the stripes together and cut off 18 inches at one end. Let me tell you, folding that thing in half so I could sew it together was just too much work. I started by putting the ends together and then worked my way to the middle. Unfortunately somewhere down the road, the stripes got twisted so when I finally got to the middle... it was a nightmare. I gave up but my sis decided to give it a go. She got it untwisted and worked her way from the middle to the ends. That was probably the smarter thing to do. Even though the ends don't meet, I can still work with that better than I can with a twisted middle. Rachel to the rescue! Yay!

My hero!
I also got a big chunk of my "Wicked" quilt done! They're all sewed and cut. Now I have to iron and more sewing! yay! I should probably learn how to iron the squares correctly first...

I also started cutting random rectangles from hexagons I had. It was just so I could practice my cutting. I still have one more blanket to cut for but that's an important blanket and it terrifies me a little having to cut it. Now that I have practice I feel a little better. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow. Today was fun though playing with my new toys! :)

I also finished I am the Messenger. It was wonderful! It's about a ordinary young man who ends up becoming a hero of a bank robbery. Afterwards, he gets sent playing cards in the mail with addresses to help people at those locations. It's really a great read. The main character is hilarious, and he has the most adorable dog called the Doorman. It reminded me a lot of the novel Going Bovine by Libba Bray (another great novel if you haven't read it yet).

Markus Zusak is a really talented author! This book is a Printz Honor book and it's one of the two books he's had win the Printz Honor. The other book was The Book Thief which I've also read. Both books are phenomenal! I don't know who he hasn't won yet. Zusak is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. What I love about him is that he has the ability to write completely differently than what you expect and still have it be amazing. I don't know a lot of authors that can do that. It's the same reason that M.T. Anderson is a favorite of mine.

I find it extremely interesting that we like actors who play different types of characters but authors that write differently from their norm can throw us for a loop. I wonder why that is. I'm fast becoming a fan of these types of authors especially if the writing is great no matter how they write. 

Time to get back to my other book The Book of Lost Things. Maybe I'll be able to post on it tomorrow! :)

Happy readings!

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  1. Gee - I saw the title of your post and thought you might have finished WRITING a book!! Oh well.... Good progress - but did you ever think of cutting the strip when you got to the twisty part? Then it would untwist.... Sorry I didn't tell you about that trick before!!