Friday, July 13, 2012

Let the Groveling Commence...

My dear readers, it is I, the blogger. You know, Heather? Hopefully, you still remember me? Yes, you know that one that gushes over the nerdiest things and... well, actually that's all I do now that I think about it. Anyway, I'm groveling for your readership once more. Alas, I have abandon you for any number of days now. The last count is four blog posts. I've come back now to beg your forgiveness and to continue blogging. These last few days I have been somewhat busy and the desire to write left me, but I am back now. I shall try not to let it happen again. Here I offer my most sincere face of regret.


Or a look that makes you think I just watched my puppy get run over by an 18-wheeler... either way hopefully it will suffice you. In all seriousness, please come back. I hit over 40 pageviews in one day and I think I buckled under the pressure. Of course, if I keep it up, I'll be back to zero to two views a day. :\ And I would deserve it. I do have great delights in store for you who stay with me. I am considering epic poetry for one of my next posts, or at least epic language. I'm still trying to figure it out but hopefully I'll have it posted soon.   

I'm begging you to come back, and maybe even accept this post as one of the four that you are due. You can see that I weep in fear of the four posts I must write. 

You would think I would have learned my lesson but...yeah, I definitely didn't. You can be the bigger person here and let me get away with this apology as a post. I even posted funny pictures of myself. That has to count for something! Look at my hopeful face

Just let it count for one. That can't hurt anything right? Right? :)

I'll let you guys decide even though I'm heavily leaning towards it. I mean I made some funnies and I think I met the 400 word limit. We'll see. To continue though, it was really hard to get myself to write this week as you can tell. I was just feeling blah and I didn't want to make y'all read blah. It wasn't even good blah. It was kind of depressing blah and you guys deserve funny blah which is of course the best kind of blah.

Today or yesterday now that I look at the clock, I found out that Neil Gaiman was on an episode of Arthur-you know the reading aardvark, Arthur Read? Anyway, he was helping Sue Ellen on her journey as a writer. Sue Ellen kept talking to her "inner Neil" throughout the show. It was really kind of funny but I couldn't help but be a little jealous. This little kid gets to meet Neil Gaiman and get writing advice from him. I don't care if he's imaginary half the time. I want an "inner Neil." Okay, maybe I could settle for some simple inspiration. (I do want to meet Neil Gaiman ONE day.) Your comments are always inspiring and I need them so don't stop, but I think that watching that episode helped me a little. It definitely kicked me back into gear for this blog and maybe in some other areas of writing I like to pursue. (*cough* my book, Aunt Sarah *cough* Please don't faint.) Isn't it awesome when you come back to a childhood show when your older and you still learn something? We'll see how this inspiration goes. I'm hoping really well.

All right, done with the serious stuff. *yawn* BORING. Anyway, there's my apology. I'm going to try to catch up over the next few days. We'll see how it goes. :) 

Until next time, happy readings!


  1. Maybe blowing the dust off that book will make you sneeze and clear your head!!

  2. i loved the paragraph on different kinds of "blah" and what the best kind of "blah" is. :) made me laugh.