Sunday, July 22, 2012

Long Time No See, But I've Been Productive!

Long time no hear. yeah, I can make all these excuses but what do they amount to? Nothing. So Im not going to make them.

Instead I'm going to tell you about my insanely busy week! Yay! Ever felt like the world was just sweeping along and you're only along for the ride? Yeah, that's what my week kind of felt like but I enjoyed every minute of it. I finished my first quilt, beat up two people to find out where my captain was (Okay, my tabletop RPG character did that...), and I started watching Doctor Who (more like marathoning...). I went to The Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere and started watching Downton Abbey. I think I can safely say that British TV has ruined me f orever.

So you see I've had a pretty crazy week but that also leaves a crazy amount to write about! Yay!

Since my aunt has threatened my life otherwise, this post is going to be about the quilt I made.

It's a baby quilt I made as a gift for one of my professors. Given how close my college math department was I thought it would make a nice gift from all the mathies. I designed it around the professor's area of study - physics. Yes, that's suppose to be the doppler effect. The border on the outside is a fabric I found online. It's a print of one of the professor's favorite online comics, xkcd. It's a pretty funny comic and very nerdy.

Anyway, I'm really proud of this quilt because it is the first quilt I've done almost completely by myself. I'm extremely grateful for all the help my aunt gave me with the parts I had problems with to be honest. Yeah, I admit some not so nice words were said about my sewing machine. Thankfully though, we ended on good terms and are still friends so much so that I have a new quilt in mind. I got the fabric yesterday with an insane amount of coupons.

In other news, I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow. You're probably wondering why a girl who is terrified of heights is going to an amusement park. I honestly don't like roller coasters but I'm going with some friends and I'm going to try to ride one of the bigger coasters. Not the metal contraptions that that spin you upside down, mind you, but I'm going to attempt a roller coaster. I'll try to get pictures. In any case, it should be highly hilarious for you, my reader. You know how insanely honest I am about embarrassing and horrifying events in my life. It really is amazing what people put on the internet nowadays.

Well, that's it for today. We'll have to see what tomorrow brings. If I can come unclued from Doctor Who long enough, I'll try to share my recent obsession with you all!

Until next time, happy readings!

PS I saw my third in-theater preview for The Hobbit. Given my friend said afterwards that she wished she could be as excited about something as I was about that movie, I think I can safely assume that I expressed the same level of excitement as the first time I saw it! :) 

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  1. Whoop whoop!!! Love your quilt, and I'm glad to hear you're working on another one already!! Hope you had fun on those roller coasters....

    PS Thanks for linking up!!