Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Which We Learn How Nerdy This Blogger Is

I got over 35 pageviews yesterday! How exciting! That is the first time I've gotten so many. I guess I should keep up whatever I'm doing. ...what exactly am I doing?

This is how happy I am!
First thing on the agenda today is a small rant: DON'T GET BEHIND ON YOUR POSTS. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH UP. It really is. I'm only two posts behind right now. Once I finish this one it will only be one but I'm not going to crack out one right after the other especially given how early in the morning it is. >_< So tomorrow I get to write two posts instead of one because I didn't catch up today. I know I keep saying that I'm going to catch up today, and then I just disappoint. You readers probably aren't disappointed in me. I appreciate that but I'm disappointed in myself. I set myself a goal and I'm not accomplishing it. That can be slightly frustrating, especially for someone OCD like me. Tomorrow is another day as Ms. Scarlett once said. As long as I finish the summer strong then it won't be like I failed my goal too miserably.
Not sure what's with the smileys today... O_o
Now the reason I didn't get to write two posts today as to deal with Treasure Island. We had our book club meeting today and I did not stay up all night last night trying to finish it. I had to get up early this morning in order to finish it before the meeting and that ate up all my writing time. Then, of course, I could talk about a book for hours even if I didn't like it. After the hours of talking, it was time to go play games until I got home a few minutes ago. You can see that today has not been conducive to writing blog posts, but I did have a lot of fun and that counts for great deal despite my failures with regards to this blog.

Here I go making excuses. All right, to make up for all these excuses, I'll tell you a funny story for this post. This story involves me admitting something very nerdy about myself. You guys already know that I am extremely nerdy. What I am about to tell you will only tell you EXACTLY how nerdy I am.

I...have recently...become addicted to...tabletop role playing games (RPGs).

hee hee... smileys are fun!

Yes, yes, I hear your gasps and I can imagine your wide-eyed stares. (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. Smiley!) Some of you that actually know me might be thinking of never talking to me again. Alas... actually, you people and your gasps of horror have no idea what you're missing out on when you classify tabletop RPGs as "too nerdy." Trust me, I was once among your ranks, but I discovered the error of my ways this last semester. My only problem now is that I'm attending a college next year that doesn't have a games club so I shall be ripped from tabletop RPGs just as I have come to love them.

I should probably explain the joys of tabletop RPGs before I go into this story but I'm tired and I need some sleep. I'll use another post to talk about them in detail. For now, here's my story.

I'm currently taking part in a Firefly-themed tabletop RPG. Yes, I mean "Firefly" as in Joss Whedon's amazing show. My character is the mechanic and I created her to be somewhat dizzy. She actually has the complication "Leaky Brain Pan" so she can be pretty crazy. Anyway, the other night we were in this situation where we were trying to enter a warehouse, but this guard was in our way. The group decided to get in a fight with him in order to get around him. We all thought it would be over in a few turns, but everyone was rolling poorly. Our poor doctor got piston-whipped in the face and was bleeding profusely from her mouth and nose.

I rolled poorly so I had to go last even after the bad guy. Eventually, it got to be my turn and I decided to shoot at the guy since he had already started shooting at us. I made my roll to see if I'd hit him. I botched. In tabletop RPGs, "botching" means you rolled all ones. This also means that something funny is going to happen. We were all laughing because the scenario was turning into a bad situation and we were interested to see how it could get worse from this botch.

Our games master rolled a die to see who I shot. Can you guess? Yup, I shot our doctor who was already injured. This caused even more laughter. Having hit someone I had to roll damage which, in my case, is a d12. The highest damage I could deal was a 12. Laughing, I said "Wouldn't it be funny if I got a 12?" Yeah, I rolled a twelve.

I don't think anyone stopped laughing for 10 minutes. I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard. Our poor doctor couldn't believe her ill-luck. She lived and was able to walk back to the ship to get fixed up. The amount of awful that happened in that situation was just too funny and was only increased when I had to explain to the captain how our doctor got shot. My character would never have admitted to it being her fault but she got ratted out by the first mate. I think that moment was declared one of the funniest so far. I don't think we've laughed that hard since we began and I'm not sure if we will again. Oh, I hope so.

Here's a little scene of our Lego counterparts acting out the scene. Yeah, that's a pool of blood draw with expo marker. Poor doctor...

Hope you enjoyed my story. I'll have to explain tabletop RPGs in another post. Maybe that'll make this story a little more funny for those of you that don't know that much about them.

Until next time, happy readings!

PS All the smiley faces are from Google Images. They are not mine. I only used them for my own, I mean, your entertainment. The last two photos are mine and depict actual events. Don't steal them... O_o  Aw, isn't my mechanic the cutest? :)

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  1. You are such a goober! Took me a few minutes to figure out what RPG meant - but I did finally get it! Glad to know you're pursuing such intellectual things this summer.... ;-) Maybe you could create one about a girl who changes hair color with the seasons.....