Sunday, July 8, 2012


I have no idea what to blog about, so this is the post about nothing! Yay for nothing! lalalalala! Hoopty-do-da-day! I have no idea what I'm typing! Wahoo!

...seriously, this is kind of frightening. Where exactly has my mind gone? That is a very good question! Some would say that it disappeared a long time ago...

I know what I can do! Bwhahahaha! I'm going to write a post using only movie quotes. If you can guess them, then... I don't know. I'll do something. Maybe I'll let you pick the topic of my next blog post. Or you could ask me to do something crazy and I'll film me doing it. Hmm... nothing dirty mind you. Just silly. Maybe that was a bad idea...anyway, I'll think of some sort of prize. Then again, you're going to have to guess my quotes! :) Let me tell you I'm quite fluent in movie quotes.

"Bored! That man is so full of himself it's a wonder he can stay up on that horse. By thunder! She killed them with mathematics. I...I don't see how that's a party."

Meh... nevermind. I got bored with the movie quotes. It takes too much energy to think of them. If you can guess those quotes, I'll do something silly...if this post isn't silly enough. Apparently this is what you get when someone is ridiculously tired and ridiculously stubborn. I'M NOT GETTING BEHIND ON POSTS AGAIN! Whew... hmm... what to say...

Oh, I played with my new sewing machine a little today. I almost threw it across the room a few times. I really do need to think up a name for it because calling it other "words" simply isn't working...

What else? What else? I'm reading I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak right now as well as The Book of Lost Things by John Connelly. Both books are very good. I'm having a problem choosing which one to read. Of course, I should probably finish I am the Messenger since it's due for book club this week. Yeah... then again I just got to the good stuff in The Book of Lost Things. Alas, having to choose between two books must be liking being asked to choose which child is your favorite: impossible. Oh well. I'll finish them both soon and then tell you, my dear readers, all about them. Yay!

All right, I think I should finish this post. You're probably questioning my sanity. Actually, it's already been confirmed. I'm mental... It hasn't really been confirmed, but it's fun to give the impression that I'm crazy. Then again, my sister might tell you I really am crazy. That's okay though. I know where she sleeps and I have a couple of pranks I've been wanting to try to find a nerf gun...

Happy readings!

PS Pictures from Google Images.

PPS I quoted five movies.

PPPS Gandalf is awesome.

PPPPS If you know why I mentioned Gandalf's awesome-ness in my POSTSCRIPTs (*hint hint*), I'll definitely give you a prize.

PPPPPS Hee hee I've always wanted to do this. :)

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  1. You have totally lost it, girl!! But it's probably the heat. Unfortunately I don't recognize any of the quotes. But here's one of my own -