Sunday, July 15, 2012

Come on, Mon! Let's go to Comic-Con!

This post was originally going to be about dinosaurs. Don't ask me why. I've developed a strange fanaticism for dinosaurs rather recently. I turn into a 5 year old whenever they're brought up. Seriously, I do, I get into arguments with my friend's kid about which dinosaur is the most awesome and which Jurassic Park movie is the best. My adopted-grandmother got Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs for her grandchildren. Their reaction: "Cool. I want to watch 'Spongebob.'" My reaction: "ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS! CAN I WATCH IT? CAN I WATCH IT?" *jumps up and down* Seriously...then again, it could just be that I act like a 5 year old, generally... Anyway, I'll save that one for another day. I blame the sudden change in topic on Pinterest. Everyone is pinning things dealing with Comic-con and all my favorite nerdy things! I have to gush! It's a requirement!

So first item on the gushing agenda deals with Neil Gaiman. I actually found this when I was looking up something about "Fables." Apparently, he announced at Comic-con via video that on the 25th anniversary of "Sandman," he will be starting a new "Sandman" series dealing with a moment in Morpheus' past! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Here's a link to the video below if you are a fan. If you're not, you should definitely give "Sandman" a read. It is awesome!

Announcement on Vertigo Comics Website

I admit I was jumping up and down in my seat while I was watching it. My sister was giving me weird looks but then we had a conversation about how awesome his voice is. (I forced her to listen to The Graveyard Book on one road trip. He narrates and she loved it! I would have disowned her if she didn't. JK...not really. Jk...) Then, we laughed about how if I ever meet Neil Gaiman in real life, then I would honestly faint. I most definitely would. I've shown all my friends a picture of him and told them that if we ever come across a man that looks like the man in the picture while we're hanging out and I faint, then they are to get his autograph no matter what. Yeah... I'm weird. :)

Next item of gushing-ness: "Firefly" had a ten year reunion panel! It's about an hour long. I found a link to it on Pinterest and it's actually fairly good quality from what I've seen so far. I haven't watched all of it yet but I will soon. Just a heads up to all you "Firefly" fans!

(I found this video on Pinterest. It isn't mine.)

Third item of gushing-ness: It was also announced at Comic-Con that "The Legend of Korra," the sequel series of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," will have not only a second season composed of 14 episodes but also 26 episodes after that! YAYAYAYAY! I'm excited! :) "Legend of Korra" is really amazing. I love it just as much as the original series. lol. I just typed awesome at the end of that sentence. Hee hee. Anyway, the soundtrack is amazing and I really like where the plot is going. It'll be interesting to see where it goes from Season 1. I can't wait to see! :)

I couldn't find the link on Pinterest but here is a link to an article about it. :)
Info on The Legend of Korra

Of course, The Hobbit is at Comic-Con this year. Grrr I wish I was there. Peter Jackson keeps posting pictures on Facebook. It makes me sad. I'm almost tempted to buy tickets to next year's Comic-Con in the hopes that The Hobbit cast will be there again. You know, Star Trek has a new movie out next year as well so they could potentially be there as well.... O_o This plan is looking better and better...

AHHHH! I want to go!

Two more things to discuss: the Dream Theory and "Darn you, Pinterest!"

My Dream Theory: I'm coming to the conclusion, or rather the Nerdy Conclusion, that you can't truly consider yourself a fan of something, a true fan, until you've had a dream about it. I've already told you all about my Joss Whedon dream and that I had dreams about a few other things. Today while I was looking at The Mines of Moria Lego set I remembered that I had a dream about Harry Potter once as well. Now my nerdy-gushy-self is a legit fan of Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter! Yay! Have y'all had dreams about some of y'all's favorite things?

"Darn you, Pinterest!": Today I realized as I was looking on the "Everything: Geek" page of Pinterest that that site has made me into a "Doctor Who" fan and I've never even seen the show! Everyone pins really funny things about "Doctor Who" and I know the basic idea of the show so I find them kind of funny. The stuff that I don't completely understand but I still find funny for some reason makes me think that I'll really love the show. Of course, this also means that I'll probably become a shut-in while I'm trying to get through all the episodes. My sister has threatened to lock me in a closet if I try to watch all of them in one sitting (There are at least six seasons if I remember correctly).

That's all for now. You guys should really share some of your thoughts with me on your favorite things. I'd love to hear about them!

Until next time, happy readings!

Oh! I almost forgot the picture of Frodo and Gandalf for today... It's on my phone...I'm lazy...I'll post it tomorrow!

PS I got the pictures from Google Images. They aren't mine.

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  1. "Today while I was looking at The Mines of Moria Lego set I remembered that I had a dream about Harry Potter once as well." okay the other stuff has been nerdy but this is reaching new heights of nerdiness even for you. really, you do not admit on the internet (or at all) that THE MINES OF MORIA LEGO SET reminded you of the DREAM YOU HAD ABOUT HARRY POTTER in the same sentence. oh yeah and i will lock you up if you make me sit straight through 7 seasons of anything EVER again! I cant wait to see what theyre going to do with Korro. I want to see more of the old characters' kids. and i cant wait to watch that firefly reunion panel. :D also i'll go to comic-con with you to pick you up off the floor after you faint and get the autograph of the person you fainted in front of. oh yeah and neil gaiman's voice is awesome.