Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm glad Christmas was last week...

Because I've been naughty this week. Below is the evidence of said naughtiness.

Although now that I think about it, it really isn't my fault that someone gave me a giftcard to a bookstore for Christmas. So there, it really means that I wasn't nauhgty. I honestly couldn't just let the card go unused. That would be a crime in and of itself. I mean, really! Anyway, it was a gift certificate to 2nd & Charles and I think I did pretty good considering I spent about 15 dollars for 13 books! Pretty sweet! In actuality, it was 8 books for $15 and 5 books for free. I have to admit I really liked that about 2nd & Charles. I bought the following books: 2 of which were less than a dollar and another 2 were less than 2 dollars! Pretty sweet if you ask me!

The Tolkien books really pushed me up to 15 dollars, but I don't really care because it's TOLKIEN! Love him! :) I got the rest of these for free!

2nd & Charles has a couple of boxes in front of their store full of free books. How could I pass that up? I think I did fairly decently too. I got an Issac Asimov book that is only missing a cover, a book in German (to practice my German), and a few other books that I probably never would have bought, but now I get to try them out for free! Not a bad deal if I say so myself. : )

Besides this tiny bit of naughtiness on my part, I did fairly well that day considering I went into 3 bookstores and only bought books at one! I will admit that I came really close to buying a book at the last bookstore, Barnes & Noble. It was the latest book by one of my favorite Fantasy writers, Juliet Marilliner, called Seeker of the Forest. It was so tempting because it's about my favorite character in the series. But I behaved! I'm getting much better at this not buying a book every time I go to a bookstore. Although I will admit being a broke college student probably helps. : )

How about you guys? Read any good books lately?

Until next time, happy readings!

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  1. Do you know that all of Asimov's robot books have a sequence, and work together into one big story? I think the sequence is in the front of Foundation, but I'm not sure about that.....