Friday, January 28, 2011

The Horror!

So I recently found out that.... this is a treacherous book!

Why is it treacherous you might ask? Well, you see, it has recently come to my attention that.... it is abridged!!!!!! Ah!!!!! Okay. So you're probably wondering why this is sooooo horrifying! Well, I'm just wondering how I can claim to have read The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I have not actually read the whole book as written by Victor Hugo. It has made a liar out of me.  I've only read the abridged verison of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but no worries for you see... I accidently bought the aforementioned treacherous copy when I already owned...

which is most importantly...

Yeah! The day is saved! lol. I'm so silly and I know it. It actually only left out a few chapters from what I can tell. So it's not quite as horrible as I'm making it out to be. Of course, you probably think I'm stir-fry crazy. Which I am, but I come by it honestly. 

So now that I have cleared my concious of that. I plan out going back and reading those chapters I missed in the very near future. I say let you know when I have truly read The Hunchback of Notre Dame as written by Victor Hugo, tangents and all. : ) I know you are probably all eagerly awaiting the day so I shall try to make it as soon as possible, dear blog readers!

Until next time, Happy Unabridged Readings!

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  1. OK, girl, there's a reason why they abridge Victor Hugo - he had a tendency to go off on political rants which don't make any sense if you aren't aware of the political climate of the time (imagine reading a book that ranted like crazy about Eisenhower and whoever his political opposite was - not much fun, hunh?) Les Miserables is abridged the same way, and everyone I could find who wrote about it said that the abridgement only improved the story. Look at it this way, if he'd had an editor, those chapters would never have been in there in the first place!!