Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Monday, Another List

So yeah, kinda failed on the extra blogs last week. Sorry. :\ Gotta figure out a way so that I blog everyday. Hm... maybe I'll just make a list for everyday. Just what you want to read right? Well, I'll make every list have something specific to talk about in the next post. For instance, I can make it a point to talk about a book that I just finished. Or something like that. Hm...that might work. Bear with me, reader! I'll figure this blogging thing out eventually! You have to admit that I'm at least doing better than last year. I mean, two in May, one in June and one in December. That was pathetic! So far I've done at least one every Monday of 2011! Yeah, so spectacular but it is for me so : P . lol.

Okay, moving on from the childish antics. Here's my list from last week. Let's see how I did!

1. Finish Njal's Saga.
Fin! Like last night. lol. Just a little bit last minute.
2. Finish short story.
Fin! Or at least it needs a slight edit. And I'm waiting on my friend whose proofreading it to email it back. Think I might share it on here at some point. Maybe...Gotta think about that one. : )
Knocked that list out! Wahoo! But wait! There's more! Introducing the...

"Also did" list:

1. Finished Anna Karenina!
2. Started and finished The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Below is a picture of  my success! : )
Now who is the awesome blogger that read approximately 628 pages last week not counting everything she read for her Creative Writing class and the English class that she is sitting in on? Oh yeah, that would be me. : ) We'll not talk about the other homework I didn't exactly finish... : \ lol. But it's not due until this week. So I still have some time. I feel a little empowered right now. I don't think I've read as much as I have this semester since last summer! I know, such a long time, but this is a pretty sweet feeling. And I know I 'm such a dork for thinking that reading 5 novels in the last some odd weeks is an accomplishment. As such, all such comments related to the term "dork" will be seen as redundant, but you are free to make them if you so wish.

But wait, I'm forgetting! What does this mean for my New Year's Resolutions?
To date I have accomplished.... Drum roll please!

1. 8 out of 26 posts
4. Read 4 out of 12 books.
6. Read The Hobbit

Not bad, not bad at all. And January isn't even over yet! This is exciting!

All right, now to stop bragging and on to further business. This week's list, or actually let me try my new course of action. How about this list be from today until....Thursday. This means I have to post by Thursday and make a new list! Let's see if I can accomplish it!

1. Read Ulysses, Episode 5.
2. Turn my short story over to the wolves... I mean, turn it in for workshop.
3. Read Chapter 1 of Frankenstein, including letters at the beginning of novel.
4. Blog about Anna Karenina.

Okay! So there's my list. Hopefully you'll hear from me Thursday! : ) And I hope y'all do awesome on your lists for the week.

You been reading anything good lately?

Happy Readings!

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  1. All the talk about books made me remember - I saw a preview at the movies the other day for a new version of Jane Eyre- it looks like it's going to be awesome!!! Have you seen it?